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Replacement sim card activated, but not working.



My phone got stolen last week. I reported it as lost/stolen through live chat and I immediately blocked the sim + the phone. I ordered a replacement sim (also through live chat) and it got here fine.


I put the sim into my new phone and activated it last night through the web browser- still nothing. No service, no way to text or call, no data. I couldn’t chat to anybody and obviously can’t make calls. 

Could this be sorted out as soon as possible as obviously, I need my phone for work purposes and not being able to use it when it’s not connected to wifi just plainly sucks.

Many thanks.



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Hello @leiaklaudia13,

We’ll send you a PM so we can sort this.

When you report it as last/stolen, a suspension is placed on the account to prevent usage.

Sounds like this needs to be lifted to sort.



My daughter is having exactly the same problem 

please help 

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Hi @BarbaraTavernard unfortunately something has broken at ID Mobile HQ and all we really know to date is what @Siân posted in another thread:

I am afraid there are some delays with some SIM’s being activated and numbers porting over at the moment. Our team are working on getting this resolved as soon as possible.

I would advise to periodically reboot your phone and hopefully it will activate soon.

Thanks for your patience.

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Hello @BarbaraTavernard 

We are sorry for the delay with activating your SIM card, we are aware of the delay and are currently working on a backlog of activations. 



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Hi I'm having this problem too. I can text some people but not others and also not able to make any calls

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@Karen Mooney,

Can you please advise which handset you are using?

Have you tried the SIM in a different device to see if that makes a difference?



I had a broken phone. Via the bank I received a new(?) reconditioned(?) phone. New sim because one in the original phone didn’t seem to work in the replacement phone. 2 phones later and a replacement sim which has been actived, the same info appears on my screen. (See below). I’m with ID so I can’t contact previous provider. Confused. I look forward to hear what needs to be done to resolve this. 

The SIM card you currently have installed in this iPhone is
from a network provider that is not supported under the
activation policy currently assigned by the activation server.
This is not a hardware issue with the iPhone. Please insert
another SIM card from a supported network provider or
request this iPhone be unlocked by your network provider.
Please contact Apple for more information.

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Hi @Dan Lewis,

Is the handset locked to a specific network?

It may be worth contacting the bank for further information on this if they provided the handset.



I blocked sim and phone when lost on 12th Jan. I activated a new sim for a lost phone on 14/1/22 before realising the temporary phone I was going to use was still locked to anther provider. Received replacement phone, iPhone 12, today19th. Checked and saw replacement SIM was still registered. I have followed the tutorials but am unable to get connection to the network. 

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Hi @DexterD,

Could you please advise if you have processed a SIM swap at the link below?

When you receive a replacement SIM you’ll need to activate the SIM. Please let us know how you get on as we may need to check your account if you are still having issues getting a connection.



Hi , 

I recently upgraded my phone and had a new SIM card. I got a test saying it can take 24 hours and it’s been over 24 hours and still can’t get service 

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Hello @Ben Hooper,

Have you restarted the phone? As it usually requires a restart at times to update?

If you do still need help, please let us know.


REPLACEMENT SIM REQUIRED - activated and no service for 10 days, never worked and extremely frustrated as I have no phone and still paying for an unworkable mobile 🙄

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REPLACEMENT SIM REQUIRED - activated and no service for 10 days, never worked and extremely frustrated as I have no phone and still paying for an unworkable mobile 🙄

Your best bet is read the “How do I get a replacement SIM card?” community article, then use one of the options therein for getting a replacement SIM card.

Good luck.

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