just joined id and my number hasnt switched to sim yet also cant create an ccount on the app

  • 28 December 2023
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Hi I took out a new contract with ID and In currys they got my pac code to swap my number over, it's not happened yet and wondered when it would. Also I'm trying to set up an account on the app and it isn't sending a code so I can do it


4 replies

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Hi @Emma Kearney 


The team in store should've let you know when the number transfer was set to happen, given the festive period, there may be a delay with it however, we'd recommend the following link.



When registering before the number transfer has completed, you'll need to use the number we've given, if it isn't giving a code even when using this, please let us know so we can get in touch.



It's sends the code to the wrong number, therefore I can't access it?

Is there anywhere I can get assistance with setting it up?

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Hi @Joan Cronshaw,

Is it the iD app/account you’re trying to set up? If so, we’d recommend waiting until your number has transferred over to iD to register.