What are the different charges I might see on my bill?

  • 7 May 2021
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Your phone bill has a breakdown of everything you have been charged for. Here you can understand what the different types of charges are and how much they cost.

What are my inclusive allowances?

Your inclusive allowances are the minutes, texts and data included in your monthly plan or your Pay as you go (PAYG) bundle.

Calls with no charge:​​

There are some numbers that are free of charge, so they won’t use up your allowance of minutes. They will appear on your bill though.

Number Service
7777 Automated phone service - short dial
3330037777 Customer service calls - long dial
0800, 0808 Non-geographic freephone numbers
101 Non-emergency services
105 National Power Cut
111 NHS 111
112 NHS 112 emergency
119 NHS Covid helpline
195 Free directory enquiries - 195 service
999 Emergency services (SMS service as well)
116000 6-digit non-geographic number: used to access ‘Hotline for missing children’ service (Calls to Missing Persons, Childline, Samaritans)
116111 6-digit non-geographic number: used to access ‘Child helplines’ service
116123 6-digit non-geographic number used to access ‘Emotional Support Helplines’ service
08000492375 iD Mobile complaints and vulnerable customer team
08000492376 iD Mobile complaints and vulnerable customer team
08000492402 iD Mobile complaints and vulnerable customer team


Sensitive numbers:

There are some phone numbers that are considered ‘sensitive’, this means that they won’t show up on your phone bill. Calls to these numbers are free of charge.

Number Services
999 Emergency Services
0800441111 Bullying line in Scotland
08001111 Childline
0800400222 Childline Minicom (Textphone)
0800555111 Crimestoppers
08082000247 Refuge
08457909090 Samaritans
116123 Samaritans
0800884444 The Line (Childline)


Are Multimedia Message Service (MMS) messages included in my text allowance?

MMS messages aren’t included as part of your monthly allowance of texts, so every time you send one you get charged at our out-of-plan MMS rate - this is 30p per message on Pay Monthly or 5p on PAYG.

What is MMS?
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) makes it possible for you to send and receive messages containing pictures, photos, emojis, GIFs, videos and sound clips.

Why did my text get sent as MMS?
Your text message will sometimes automatically get converted to MMS. This is completely beyond our control. It depends on your phone’s operating system, and the person - or persons - you’re messaging.

Can I stop my phone from sending an MMS?
To stop your texts being converted into MMS, you should try and stick to these rules:

  • Don’t send photographs, GIFs, videos or sound clips

  • Keep your text messages under 160 characters

  • Don’t use emojis

  • Don’t use normal characters that could be changed into emoticons, for example, writing 🙂 might be converted into a smiley face

  • Don’t send group texts – stick to individual messages

  • Don’t send a text to an email address

  • Don’t add attachments to a group message

  • Don’t give your text a subject line

  • Don’t send any contact cards or business cards with your text

  • Don’t enter a competition or make a donation via text

How can I keep MMS costs down?
If you enjoy sending multimedia messages, why not use a popular app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? Chat apps like these use your phone’s internet connection, so if you’re on Wi-Fi it won’t cost you anything. If you send an MMS when you’re out and about, the data you use will simply come out of your monthly allowance.

What are the standard Pay Monthly out-of-plan charges?

If you go over your allowance when you’re in the UK or one of our 50 Inclusive Roaming countries, here’s what you’ll be charged for standard use.

  • Calls - Calls to standard UK mobile numbers, numbers starting 01, 02, 03, numbers based in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man, calls to non-standard 07 numbers - 40p per minute
  • Texts - All iD Mobile pay monthly plans come with unlimited standard texts - Free
  • Data - Data use per MB - 10.24p

Note: You can avoid out-of-plan costs by getting an add-on. Find out more about our range of add-ons.

What are the standard Pay as you go charges?

If you have a PAYG plan with iD Mobile you can either purchase one of our six PAYG bundles, or literally pay as you go using the Top-up credit on your account. Here we explain the standard charges for PAYG plans.

  • Calls - Calls standard UK mobile numbers, numbers starting 01, 02, 03, numbers based in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man, calls to non-standard 07 numbers - 3p per minute
  • Texts - Texts Standard text message (up to 160 characters) - 2p
  • Data - Data use per MB - 1p

What are the different types of call charges I might see on my bill?


  • Calls to UK mobiles and landlines come out of your plan’s allowance.


  • Calls to access your voicemail come out of your monthly minutes allowance, but if you run out of minutes you'll get charged the standard rate for using voicemail. This is currently 40p per minute, with a one-minute minimum call charge.
  • You'll also be charged the standard voicemail rate if you use the call back service within voicemail.
  • If you access voicemail while roaming in a country not covered by your plan or bundle, you'll also be charged.

Non-geographic numbers:

  • Non-geographic calls are those made to numbers starting 087, 084, 09 and 118. These numbers are usually used by banks, customer helplines, utility companies and government departments. You also call them when you vote on a TV show or enter a TV quiz, or get information and make payments for services.

Calls to non-geographic numbers are made up of two parts:

  1. Access Charge - How much iD Mobile charges you for making the call. Our current iD Mobile Access Charge is 45p, plus 45p per minute.
  2. Service Charge - Set by the organisation you're calling – it has nothing to do with iD Mobile. The organisation you're calling should have details of its Service Charge on its website, or they should make you aware of it before connecting your call.

Premium rate

  • Premium rate numbers are charged at £2 per minute.


  • Calling abroad from the UK is known as making an 'International' call'. International calls and texts are chargeable. You can view our list of International charges.


  • When you use your phone in one of our Inclusive Roaming destinations, your minutes, texts and data will come out of your plan’s allowances. Find out which countries are on our Inclusive Roaming list.
  • When you visit a country not included in our Inclusive Roaming list, you’ll be charged for making and receiving calls, sending and receiving texts and MMS, and using data. You can view our list of roaming charges.

Calls to emergency services are free of charge, including:

  • 111 - NHS medical helpline
  • 112 - Emergency services (from a mobile)
  • 101 - Police non-emergency line

In what order are my allowances used?

If you’re a Pay Monthly customer, your allowances and add-ons will be used up in the following order:

  1. PAYM Regular Allowance (includes Rollover)
  2. PAYM Standard Add-On
  3. Data Add-On
  4. PAYM Out-of-allowance Usage

For Pay as you go customers, your add-ons and bundles will be used up as follows:

  1. PAYG Add-on allowance
  2. PAYG Bundle allowance
  3. PAYG Top-Up balance

Are there any other things I can be charged for?

There are some administration costs that you can be charged for:

  • Collections administration fee - £5 fee
  • Early termination fee: - If you cancel a contract before your agreement ends, you’ll need to pay an early termination fee. The fee is based on your monthly plan charge and the time left on your contract and can be calculated as follows: Full monthly line rental charge x remaining contract length (in days)
  • Itemised paper bill - £1.50 per bill
  • Replacement itemised paper bill - £2.50 per bill
  • Number change - £25 fee
  • SIM card replacement - £5 fee

Will I be offered any discounts?

We’ll sometimes run promotional offers where we offer a discount on your monthly contract price when you sign up or renew your contract with us.

These are shown as credits (CR) on your monthly bill breakdown on the first page of your bill, viewable on the iD Mobile App or My Account online.

An example discount is:
3 months half price – will show your full monthly cost with a £xx.xx CR (credit) discount for 3 bills then return to normal monthly contract price.


Example of image of discount on bill


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