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iD Mobile's 2022 Holiday Checklist

iD Mobile's 2022 Holiday Checklist

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A trip back to South Africa to visit my mum for the first time in 3 years! 

Porto! A beautiful city with access to the sea. Nothing too fancy but a lovely city break for me and my small family :)

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I’d love my next holiday to be to North Wales to meet up with my family, all four generations at once. Covid rules, fear and anxiety, plus lack of funds have all conspired to stop it happening for the last two years. It would be lovely to break through those barriers and reconnect with loved ones again. xx

My next holiday would be Greece! My mum has been desperate to go for a long time, and with her 60th birthday coming up it would be great to make that happen!

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Off to Tenerife this summer with the family. Sunshine, sea, cheap beer, what more could you want? 😅

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I would love to go back to Turkey again as my last holiday was cancelled and I have a lot of friends that I have not been able to see because of the  Pandemic and I buy all my knitting wool from there helping their economy

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I'd like to go back to our apartment in Spain

My next trip will be back to Tenerife. Sunshine, sandy beaches and great hotels - what’s not to like. Can’t wait.

I would love to go to the Maldives as there are many different halal options and very inclusive and fun!

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We would love to go a a cruise around the med, as to one we had booked two years ago for our 30th wedding anniversary was cancelled due to covid.

Next holiday will be on the lovely Isle of Wight! Only thing is I live here already...staycation 🤣

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Croatia!!! I'd love to go there it looks beautiful and full of history. 🛫✈️🛬

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Probably many people will choose that destination, I have seen it few times when I scanned through the pages of this topic but well... I want to go there as well. This place is Japan, what a surprise! 😁 The difference is I don't want to go to see the big cities and sky scrappers or weird vending machines. I want to go and visit small villages and experience culture and traditions of this places, starting of course with the rituals of brewing a tea which is much more than just throwing a tea bag into the mug. I want to see a real life modern Samurai and see and touch the history of Japan. Try local made Sake, again... Not just ordered from the shop but the whole ritual of serving it. I want to feel like I am visiting Japan in 17th century. Problem is that so far I only saved £300 towards that trip but I will get there by the time I will be 40 years old. 🙂

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I would be happy with the beautiful lake district after these lockouts somewhere open and beautiful in the open air 

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I prefer not to fly because of climate change. So it has to be wheeled transport or a boat. I’ve travelled all over the world, but not been to so many places in the UK. I’ve never been to Ireland. I know it’s the Emerald Isle because of all the rain, but I would love to go there. We Brits are used to rain! On the other hand I’ve also always wanted to go to the Scilly Isles to paint. Choices. Choices. I think it has to be the Scillies.

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The only place I truly want to see is Seattle. Been a Seattle Seahawks fan for a while now, see the landscape and various tourists spots during game day tv etc, but to actually go, see the city, attend a live game. Would love to do it just once in my lifetime. 

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a Hawaiian cruise… because it’s nostalgic, you see more in less time, plus it’s cheaper and easy to plan.


I have been invited to a wedding in Zurmatt Switzerland..... and would love to accept and be excited to visit somewhere... anywhere new.

Next holiday 🤔 I think I’d rather stay in the the uk but stay in a cabin or a shed even in the middle of no where so no phones no internet & no tv so I can enjoy the peace & quiet 

After all the trauma of the last couple of years anywhere would be good.  It need not be exotic or far away as long as it would be my wife and I going together

I want to go to Kansas in America to see my son, who I’ve not been able to see since he went to live in The States 6 years ago. I’ve not been able to meet his wife or my lovely grandson who is now 3 years old. I’m desperate to give and receive hugs!

I'd like to go to Australia as my daughter is obsessed with Koala's 


I would really like to go to Rhodes Island for my next holiday. I would like this as we went there on a family holiday when I was a child and would like to take my family there nearly 40 years later. 


I would really like to travel to Andalusia, Spain. I would love to know more about the Moorish history of this region and to visit the Alhambra in Granada. Sun, Flamenco art and wonderful would be a dream come true to travel to Seville, Cordoba and possibly sail over to Tangier.

I would love to go to Maldives or Polynesia or Seychelles 


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