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iD Mobile's 2022 Holiday Checklist

iD Mobile's 2022 Holiday Checklist

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Edinburgh, that's the place I'd like to holiday. The city, the tourist attractions, the food, the proximity to the Highlands and the vibrance makes it a attractive holiday location time and again. 

Not to mention the train journey from London on the route of the flying Scotsman. 

I would like to visit california and go to the theme parks as well as beaches and other attractions 

My wife and I went to Paris several years ago, and really enjoyed it. We'd love to go back and take our 8yo daughter up the Eiffel Tower!

I’d like to visit the US and go to some of the places off the standard tourist spots. It’s time to get out and find adventure.

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I’d love to go back to Italy. We were there briefly in 2019 during the heatwave as we were on a cruise. It’d be lovely to see the sights without sweltering and it would be lovely to see some sun because I live in Birmingham and we rarely see any blue skies over winter!

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I’d like to visit Mexico for an extended holiday with my brother. He married in 2018 and I have not seen him since. He planned to come to the UK in Easter 2020, but was unable to do so. Also, during the pandemic, I had cancer treatment. It would be lovely to see them again and give them an enormous hug and visit my brother’s new home. Family is everything to me!!!


I'd head to my imaginary second home, in the Maldives, without my family.

The chance to wake up with a child poking you, the chance to chill on the lounger, not a games console in sight! Absolute heaven!!!!

Ireland to visit my family 

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Seychelles and Kenya

I'd love to go back to tenerife as that is where my child was conceived but sadly never made it. God bless x

Because of the pandemic we have been unable to go to our caravan in the French Alps for 2 years & we are looking forward to going this year & renewing our friendships. We look forward to the fresh clean air of the Alps.

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I haven't seen my Family in Canada for 3 years due to the pandemic restrictions so would really love to go to Vancouver to see them. 

Japan is at the top of my travel list! It has been for a while now, but the pandemic has made it impossible to travel there. Hopefully one day - soon! - I will get to explore this beautiful country, experience its fascinating arts and culture and get to know its wonderful people! 

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I would love to take my husband to Hong Kong. His grandfather was in a prisoner of war camp there during WW2. Being there would bring a connection that they never had an opportunity to make. It would be a place we could remember, reflect and pay our respects for the many who sacrificially gave so much for us. 

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I’d love to take the kids to Iceland to see the stunning scenery and to explore the glaciers, volcanos and to bathe in the hot springs. It would be amazing to see the Northern Lights too.

Anywhere… absolutely anywhere...

My next holiday will be to Malta 😎🏖️✈️

I would love to go to Bora Bora. Yes, the scenery and beaches look amazing but the over riding reason is to scatter my brothers ashes. He worked as a doctor there when he was training and wanted to rest there.

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I’d like to go to Gran Canaria. My partner adores it but they’ve only ever been with their family, and I’ve not been on a holiday in years. I’d love to be able to make that our first vacation together

Seville because it has some fantastic gardens, food, architecture and it seems to always be sunny!

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Canada, so we can see the mountains and visit relatives.

I would like to go to New Zealand as soon as they open the border. Wish to do 30 days in an Motor Home of the North aad South Islands.




I would like to go to Greece to visit the amazing buildings and culture 


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