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iD Mobile's 2022 Holiday Checklist

iD Mobile's 2022 Holiday Checklist

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I would like to take me & my missus on a nice relaxing Rhine River Booze Cruise. Where we can take in the scenery whilst sampling all those delicious wines. Ding Dong 😁

Either local a place called castle Douglas in Scotland a great village to go or would love to visit Thailand 

Istanbul-An amazing city with a rich culture, great history and fantastic sites to visit. Hopefully we will get to see the Whirling Dervishes, an iconic Turkish ritual. It would also be great to taste again the amazing Turkish cuisine. And of course enjoy the fantastic weather!

Hands down, it'd have to be Japan. I've been a huge fan of Sumo wrestling since the mid 1980s.  I had made up my mind to take a trip with my family just before the whole covid thing kicked off in 2020. There are six tourmaments per year (each lasting 15 days,) so yes, I'd just love to catch one of those.  

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I asked my daughter (whose phone this is) and she said she’d like to holiday in the MCU. For those not in the know, that’s the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” - yep - fictional. Still, I am sure it’d be lovely. 

Iwant to go to Croatia with my children. I heard its so beautiful and the food is delicious.

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I really like to take my girlfriend to Thailand. She is Thai herself and it would make her so happy if she could go home with the boys to see her 93 year old grandmother who is the person who brought her up and had the biggest influence on her life. She tells me everyday how much she misses her.

Brazil for sure! Great place, Wonderful people, Amazing food!!!

I’d love to take my family to Croatia having not had a break for some time ! 

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I'd love to go to Spain and take my mum with me like we would when I was much younger. I'd love to treat us both to it, very much deserved after a crazy last 10 years we have both had to go through. 

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Anywhere in the UK in our new caravan, can’t wait :-)

My next holiday will be visiting my family and friends in South Africa whom have not seen for 7yrs.

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I'd love to go to Canada. The sheer size of it and the stunning natural beauty have always appealed to me. 

I would love to take my children to Disneyland Paris as they have been through a lot of unwanted Trauma. It has effected us all and I think Disney is a place to be Happy and Heal.

Hi. Me and my wife are off to Fuertaventura for a week. Looking forward to spending time on the beach🏝️together. 

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Cuba- classes cars, sun, salsa

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Would love to see New Zealand as a potential place to live.

I would love to visit family in East Anglia. There is so much to see and do together.

Nepal to visit grand parents

I would like to go to New Zeland, because is mistic place and in a continent I have never been there. 

I would like to go and visit the Great Wall of China as they say you can see it from space!

I want to go to another country not too far away like Spain and take my 2.5 year old on holiday for the first time. She can experience the things she loves, like swimming, the beach and making sandcastles, in a warmer climate


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This will be our last family holiday before my son moves out so I'd love it to be somewhere we can all be together,  maybe with a pool and fabulous food,  it's got to be good food.  Perhaps Greece. Long evenings sitting together chatting about the day. Can't wait. 

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Turkey with my whole family, because we've been planning for ages pre-covid. but I'm due to have my baby in July, so I've got to see if it'll be feasible in the summer. It's close enough for people of all ages (we've alot of adults and kids) nice weather and excellent resorts.

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Back to Cornwall for third year running - who needs to go abroad! 

And handy tip - speak to the locals, they know where the best restaurants and bars are!


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