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iD Mobile's 2022 Holiday Checklist

iD Mobile's 2022 Holiday Checklist

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Still waiting for foreign travel to normalise post-covid before making plans

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We would like to go to NZ North for our holiday,  We have a daughter living there. This would be a fantastic opportunity to meet up before my wife's Dementia gets too severe.

I’d love to go Amsterdam  

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Let me go to Japan please :) 

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As long as it’s with me family I don’t care where it is. 

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I’m hoping to get to Morocco again - this time Casablanca and Fes.  Just love the combination in Casablanca of traditional Moroccan with art deco…. and all things Moroccan anyway!

I'd love to go to Thailand as we had booked to go in 2020, then COVID hit and it was rescheduled until 2021 before it was cancelled again! I hope to get there sometime soon 🇹🇭🛕🕍🕉️

I would say north Wales next holiday 

We will be going to south Devon for our next holiday we love a staycation in this beautiful country and we have been to north Devon and Cornwall so south Devon is next on the list we are looking for a nice private cottage with a hot tub for some romantic evenings. Bring on the Wine 

Salou in Spain. Great location and ideal spot for great adventures - Barcelona, Tarragona, Montserrat ...

I would like to go toCanada. I  the fall or spring.Perhaps on a cruise.

A tour of Japan, from top to bottom! To experience their food, technology, culture, mountains, cities. It’s got a bit of everything

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I would love to go back to Miami. I’ve not been for about fives years and I would love to go back.

Greece,Lovely friendly people love Greek food and culture 

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I love the theme parks in Florida and would holiday there again.  It’s not just Harry Potter (although that is a big part), the water park rides are exhilarating, Busch Gardens has so much and … chair lifts!  I love a chair lift and so few places have them.  Then there’s Discovery Cove where you can snorkel with hundreds of fish and rays and to within a couple of inches of sharks… well, through glass.  I eat an enormous amount but exercise constantly running around the parks and up stairs to the top of rides that it all works itself out and I return having toned up without actively trying.  I would love to do this all again.

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I would love to go to the Holy Land. But this year I am hoping to go to the Netherlands staying on a houseboat on one of the lakes. Yes please.

I would love to go to Italy next to visit. There are so many sights I’d love to see but top of my list is the Amalfi Coast and Rome. I was enrolled for a year abroad in Italy but it got cancelled due to COVID, so I’m hoping to go back to fulfil my Italian dreams - even if its just for a couple of weeks. 

I’d like to go Greek island hopping so I can visit different landscapes without the worry of crossing country boarders which may have different covid rules. Hopefully back to seeing the world one bit at a time next year!

I'd like to go to Spain because I feel that myself and my partner are well overdue a nice break away in the sun for a change, plus Spain is a friendly and lovely place

I’d like to take my boy to Paris disney land as we planned and saved money since beginning of the lockdown April 2020 and still worry about the travelling, really want to take him to somewhere where we can really relax and have some fun! 


The culture has always fascinated me and I’m forever finding and searching for new Japanese cuisine and recipes to cook at home! Traditional Ramen is certainly a staple! It’s certainly on my bucket list to travel to Japan!

America booked for March a wee cheeky week in Boston 🇺🇲

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Camping in France - sand, sea and croissants!

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Spain, for our cancelled holiday from 2 years ago.

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I want to go back to Crete because the food is great and the people are genuinely friendly. My favourite holiday destination.


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