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It's Time To Spring Clean Your Phone!

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Now that we’re getting a tiny hint of sun, it’s time for a good spring clean – and that includes your phone. It’s all well and good to give your screen a wipe with some anti-bac (it lives with you after all) but have you thought about decluttering all your stuff that’s on it too?

A good clear out can also help the performance of your phone – giving you more battery and improving the loading times of your apps. Not to mention, when you want to find a photo you won’t have to dig though years of screenshots (or memes as the case may be).

1. Delete photos and videos

It’s an obvious (if annoying) one. Photos and videos take up a lot of storage space, so the best place to start is a good tidy, and a liberal delete. Sort through what’s not worth keeping (45 selfies to get good light anyone?) and then move everything else to external or cloud storage. This is really worth setting aside time to do even if storage isn’t an issue – if you ever lose your phone you’ll be relieved to have everything backed up.


2. Remove some apps

Do you really need that folder of just-in-case apps? Or the ones that you had to download to order table service that one time? We don’t think so. A lot of apps work in the background even if you’re not using them, so having a dig through and getting rid is an easy way to free up space and save your phone from working harder than it needs to.

Tip: Once you’ve decluttered your apps, check that they’re all up to date. You don’t want to miss out on up-to-date security or handy features that improve functionality.

3. Clear out contacts

If you have one too many unfamiliar names in your contact list – it’s definitely time to delete some numbers. Not sure which Mark is which? Have a look on WhatsApp – their profile picture should help. And while you’re on WhatsApp, why not clear out old chats? That group organising your friend’s hen do two years ago that hasn’t been touched since. It’s time for it to go.


4. Turn off location tracking

There’s no need for Twitter to know where you are every second of the day. And when it comes to improving battery life, turning off location tracking can make a considerable difference. Especially if your phone is just sitting in your bag – apps constantly checking in to see where you are drains your battery (and is a bit creepy). Turning location tracking off, or selectively controlling which apps can see where you are is simple. Just search for ‘location tracking’ in Settings and your phone will show you where to go.


4. Clear your cache

Websites and apps store information on you to help you fill out forms, log in, or remember what’s in your basket. But over time this saved information can slow things down. Clearing your cache is done through the internet browser you use (Firefox / Chrome / Safari etc.) and only takes a few minutes.


5. Reset

If all else fails and your phone is still painfully slow, it might be time for a good old factory reset. It will wipe everything from your phone as if it was new for a complete fresh start. Before you jump to this, remember to back everything up – on iCloud for iPhones and Google Drive or OneDrive for Android.


Competition Time:

To be in with a chance of winning the vacuum cleaner we want you to talk it out with your fellow Community members by letting us know which vaccum brand is your favourite. Maybe it's the mighty Henry, perhaps it's the modern Dyson, or just maybe a Shark is the hoover for you.

Whichever it is, we want to know!

The competition ends at 23:59 on 8th April 2022, and we'll announce the lucky iD community winner shortly after.

T&Cs apply. 

Good luck!

124 replies

Dyson, best I  have ever had

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Vax is very good haven’t tried the others!

Henry is reliable as hell and has a happy face

Miele! My number 1. I have home dust allergy and miele cat and dog saves my life. Haven't tried Dyson  up see so many comments....

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Definitely Shark. I had a Dyson for a long time, I even had it serviced at one point which had it working like brand new again and I loved it. Until I bought a Shark, it was lighter, had better suction, was easier to use and just better in every way. Although I'm sure a vacuum cleaner which works by itself while I drink tea and eat cake could become my new favourite 😁

Henry for me. The happy little chappie!! :) 

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Dyson every time for me

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I love my ecovac!

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I have a partner Henry and I am very pleased with this pink girl. Most importantly ..... pulls well 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰😍🤜🤛

I bought a basic Shark. Been fairly happy with it although I had to replace the original motor which burnt out but Shark were relatively good about sending a new one. I’m avoiding Dyson products as he was a real proponent of the benefits of Brexit and promptly buggered off to Singapore as soon as it was done!

Definitely a Shark for me, better than a Dyson.

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Gtech AIRRAM is hard to beat, it's light, picks up well, is quick to charge and, easy to empty. 

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Miele. Well built. Last for 30+ years

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Henry, simple to maintain and repair

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Shark, always used to buy dyson but they tended to break fairly quickly so we switched to shark last time and not looked back. 

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This competition will close in 3 days, on 8th April. Hurry, you are running out of time to enter and what a great prize we have for you this time. A vacuum that does your chores for you, at a touch of a button!

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It will always be Dyson for me !

Dyson is the only Vacuum cleaner in our house!

Hoover at the moment.

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Ohhh the choices. I'd go with Henry's, you never chat to a vacuum cleaner like you do to a Henry. Mines called Thierry.


Henry all day 


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