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12 free travel apps to download before take off

12 free travel apps to download before take off
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Going on holiday is supposed to be all about chilling out and getting the most out of your trip. But what with packing, booking and finding your way around, sometimes trips overseas can even seem a bit more stress and then break.

That’s why it’s always good to have your phone on hand. We’ve picked out some of the best travel apps around that are designed to make every aspect of your holiday that much easier. From booking your flight to working out what’s on the menu, there’s an app for that…

Before you go…

Booking your flight

The good thing about booking online in that you can shop around for the cheapest flights. And Skyscanner makes that easy. Just put in your destination and the dates you want to travel and it’ll compare all available airlines. You can then filter by cheapest, fastest and even which flights have the lowest CO2 emissions.

Skyscanner: Android / iOS


Looking for accommodation

For houses, it’s hard to beat Airbnb. Enter where you want to stay and the dates you’re staying and you’ll get a map of all available Airbnb properties, with photos and reviews to help you choose. You can also filter by how many people are staying and whether you’re taking pets. The great thing about this app is that you can contact the relevant hosts with any questions you have – making for a very personal experience.

Airbnb: Android / iOS

For hotels, there’s a huge choice of apps, but Hotels.com is one of the best. Search by location, dates and budgets and you’ll find a decent range of hotels to suit every budget. You’ll also find regular deals on rooms – especially if you’re a last-minute booker. Use the app often enough and you can collect rewards like free stays.

Hotels.com: Android / iOS


Package holidays

Sometimes you just want an all-inclusive break with includes food, drinks, activities and pool access. It’s a great option when you’re taking the kids with you or if you just want to chill out and have it all done for you. This is where resorts really shine, and one of the leaders is Tui. They have resorts worldwide in loads of destinations which range from bucket and spade to luxury hotel.

Tui: Android / iOS



Not sure what you’re going to need but worried about taking everything with you? Packpoint can help you make sense of what you’ll actually need depending on the destination, length of stay and what activities you’ll likely to do. The packing list it generates will even take into account weather forecasts and local conditions. Then you can simply tick things off the app as you pack them. Simple.

Packpoint: Android / iOS


While you’re there…

Getting around

Getting lost in an unfamiliar city can be a worry, especially when you’re not sure how to read street signs or navigate public transport. Google maps will always point you in the right direction and, because it’s internationally used, it’s pretty reliable. You can also download maps to view offline when you’re worried about eating through data.

Google Maps: Android / iOS

If you’re hiring a car on holiday, you might find Waze as a better bet. Yes, Google Maps does driving routes but these often don’t take into account local conditions and topography. Waze has a community base behind it. So, if you’re in a country that uses Waze, you’ll likely get a lot more accurate routes with updated info on things like road works and speed cameras.

Waze: Android / iOS


What to do

Wherever you go, you’re bound to see restaurants and attractions proudly advertising their TripAdvisor score. And for good reason. TripAdvisor ratings are generated entirely by visitors like you dropping a rating. So, if a museum, coffee shop or theme park has got top marks, chances are you’re on to a winner. It’s got a very active community, so you can also hit its forums and get tips on just about anything – from food to try to where to catch the bus for that day trip. You can book most things directly through the app too.

TripAdvisor: Android / iOS


Being understood

Go to France and you may be able to bluff some terrible GCSE French, but head to Japan and you might struggle a whole lot more. Google Translate to the rescue! It used to be that you’d type in a word and it could give you the equivalent language, but now it’s had some serious upgrading. Take a photo of a menu and it’ll turn it into English on the screen. You can even record sentences into it and it’ll then repeat that sentence back in anything from Japanese to Arabic. Probably not one to take on a date, but great if you want to know the way to the beach!

Google Translate: Android / iOS


Currency check

Spending money on holiday is the easiest thing in the world to do because (in lots of destinations) you often feel like you’re getting a lot for your pound. But this can be deceptive. Xe Currency app is great to have on hand since you can easily check what that beer costs or how much that cab fare is really going to set you back. Not only can you check currency conversion in real time, but you can also send money to people all over the world. Super handy!

Xe Currency: Android /  iOS


Eating out

While you can find plenty of restaurants on TripAdvisor, The Fork is great for when you want to grab a bargain as well as a bite. Check out a destination or a restaurant and the app will show you when you can get a discount – up to 50% off your meal! There’s an active user community so you’ll get honest reviews from fellow travellers. Book regularly through the app and you get rewarded with Yums. You can spend these loyalty points at any restaurant signed up to the system. Dinner is on the house!

The Fork: Android / iOS


Splitting the bill

If you’ve ever been on holiday, you know the headache of dividing up costs. There’s nothing that can sink that holiday spirit faster than bickering over bills. That’s where Splitwise rides to the general. At the start of the holiday, everybody jumps on the app and then adds every expense – from plane tickets to that round of ice creams. At the end of the holiday, Splitwise will then state who owes what. All’s square.

Splitwise: Android / iOS


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There’s nothing worse than being out and about, taking pics on your phone, sharing with friends and family on social, and uh oh… the low battery notification pops up! Now you’re more worried about finding somewhere to charge your phone than enjoying the moment. 

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My dream holiday would be to Hawaii. I’ve never been but I can just imagine how picturesque it would be 🌴 

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My dream holiday is Australia. A multitude of things to explore and see! 


My dream destination would be Maldives its somewhere where ive never been to before but it would be my biggest dream to go! ☺️

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Dream Holiday is Hawaii... mainly because it was supposed to be our honeymoon but couldn't go... 20 years later we still haven't been so not had a honeymoon yet!!

Disney at Orlando...

My dream destination would be to Mt Martha nr Melbourne to visit my family, especially these three young persons ,our great grandchildren that  we have only met one, the oldest ,on their visit to Scotland three years ago .

it is all very well to see and hear them on messenger but at out late age we might never get to see them in the flesh

thank you


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We are actually going on our dream holiday at the end of July. We were supposed to go in 2020 but covid put a stop to that. Finally managing to get to NYC The big Apple this year with my wife for our 21st wedding anniversary and can't wait. Trip of a life time for us and first holiday without our children in 21 years so will be extra special.

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I’d actually love to go to Japan!

I'd love to go to Aoshima, an island in Japan with a lot of friendly cats. I love cats a lot and going to an island full of them seems like paradise.

My dream place to visit would be the Maldives. It looks to peaceful and tranquil and the crystal clear sea looks so inviting.  It would be bliss. 

My dream holiday is Mauritius as my husband and I had our honeymoon there 23 years ago and we would like to take our children there to experience it too.

My dream holiday is the amazing island of Islay.   Warm green island, amazing wildlife, the Atlantic, incredible beaches on every side, best seafood in the world.  And THE finest whiskies to be found in the universe.    What’s not to like?   A. 

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Eftalia Splash I going to for first time can't wait for a nice family holiday


My dream holiday would be Dubai as we went there 2 years ago. Best food ever, friendliest people, fantastic buildings and beaches.

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Australia Perth, next to Indian Ocean,catch-up with family, new house and only 5 mins from lovely beach 😎

Dubrovnik, absolutely gorgeous!!!

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Cuba, amazing country.


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Our Dream destination has got to be Santorini,  the whole whole island is just so picturesque, easy to navigate around the whole island, the locals are the friendliest we have ever encountered, the food, drink, scenery, places to visit all within easy distance. Sunshine. Sea, its a photographers dream, every photo is a postcard photo, there isnt one inch of the island that you cannot access, wether by foot, car, quad bike or boat, Beautiful is the only word to describe.

The Maldives - a friend is out there now posting many pictures on social media - and it looks utterly fantastic. The ultimate relaxation, sun, sea, and any other s you want to consider ;) Just blemmin’ gorgeous. 

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I've always thought Venice is a most see destination. So close to the UK, easy to get to, and such a fascinating -  magical city.  But get there before the main season and crowds arrive!


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Provence, France. Drive down through France, ( avoiding the toll roads) taking in the magic that is rural France. Staying at the municipal camp sites (that's where the battery pack comes in handy) then on arrival, explore the Provence the late great Peter Mayle wrote about. Marvellous.

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I would love to go to North Wales. Somewhere quiet by the sea to recharge.

A mystical, peaceful place 

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Devon for me, why go abroad when we have such wonderful places in the UK 



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