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New Year, New You

New Year, New You

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To finally rid myself of my bad habits!


I brew a very strong cup of black coffee and ring a couple of good friends us my IDMobile SIM

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Live life as if each day us my last.  Stretch every morning, watch Headspace wake up story while I make coffee, meditate, walk ever day, call family and friends more often and stop and smell the roses 🌹 and try to do small kind acts of surprise anonymously to brighten people's day x

Love that you want to do it anonymously, for me that ahows you're doing it for tham and not for the recognition. 💜

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Not so much a NY resolution, have been planning it for a few months.

Anyway, after a decade of abusing my body with alcohol, neglecting my creative talents, and finally getting out of a bad relationship.


I have decided to spend this year focussing on bettering myself in all those categories.


I've cut out alcohol except for gigs, parties and special occasions, even then I'll be keeping my consumption low.


I've started a creative writing course, and me and a friend are cooperating on a screen play project with the aim of having filmed a couple of short films this year.


I am taking up yoga, and beginning a jiu-jitsu journey both for discipline and health reasons.


Finally I am not focussing on chasing the opposite sex, if the opportunity presents itself I won't get in my own way, however I'm not actively pursuing anything either.

My New year's resolution is to save enough to be able to afford our own place for my family and our little baby

No resolution I always try my best to do my best.  I don't always succeed but I try nonetheless 

i will start smoking to stay away from anxiety

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Try and become more organised - it’s always a struggle that constantly threatens to overwhelm me, but I just can’t seem to make routines stick


Why iD Mobile?