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New Year, New You

New Year, New You

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My New Years resolution is to work on looking after my good mental health 💙

Spend more time with family and eat health 

My new years resolution is to stay clear of the wrong choices and continue on the good path! And to be the best husband to my beautiful wife! 

I'm going to finish my book and lose a stone.

Probably in that order.

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My new years resolution is to leave home more often, go out and enjoy life, over the last 2 years we have spent far too much  locked away at home.

Whenever I travel, I take plenty of photos and videos on my phones and cameras as a visual record of the amazing places I have experienced and unfortunately I have not transferred all of these onto my iPad. Some of my old phones do not use Bluetooth or the internet and the cameras have a selection of memory cards which are difficult to access with my current technology. My NYR is to take time to enjoy and collect these pictures together.

Travel is more difficult in Covid times so these older pictures on my Blackberry and camera mean so much more to me now!



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My new year’s resolutions are :-

to eat healthier, exercise more, grow more fruit and vegetables 

spend more time with my mum, as she has multiple myeloma and it’s getting worse and I never know if she will pull through more chemo and radiation 🤞🏻🙂

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To stop poking my girlfriend’s bear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Try and lose weight and start to love myself again and find my confidence to get back out in the real world.

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To learn conversational Spanish, so that I can chat to my daughter in laws parents and also to get my golf handicap down to 15. Two pretty big tasks, but I am determined!

My new years resolution it to stop using as much gas and electricity during the year. So I can at least be warm for a while in winter

Lose weight, get healthier and stress less. 

My New Years resolution is to make time to do at least one craft activity a week. Maybe not complete it as some can take months but at least spend a few hours doing something crafty.


I haven’t made a resolution for years as it was always get fit, eat healthy, change who I am, etc which we’re always failures. This time I’m making one that makes me happy and am more likely to keep which ultimately doesn’t make me feel like a failure at the end of the year. This is more than you’ve asked for but I hope it helps inspire others 😊

As am in my 60th year it is my resolution to put my affairs in order 

Hi I plan to eat healthy and fresh produce with the help of gusto a new found love and excitement for cooking around my busy schedule and to take up more exercise mainly running as I do enjoy early morning runs!!! Hopefully the weather is kind to me 🤞

My New Years Resolution is to take care of my mental health and try to take some time out to focus on my health and wellbeing.  Also to be more aware of my family’s and friend’s wellbeing as well.

I recently moved to a new city so my new years resolution is to try anything and everything new! 🌇

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My new years resolution is to spend more money at Currys.

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I'd like to be more eco friendly, growing my own food and being more economical when I'm cooking. I have a very complicated diet for my kidney disease and it ends up being very expensive so I need to save money by making the most of what I have. 

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My New year resolution is to reduce my carbon footprint as much as I can. To help me do this I'm now a vegan and will use my car as little as possible.


Knit more and read more 🙂

My resolution for the New Year: NOT to put off till tomorrow something I can do today. Hopefully my memory will improve aswel :

Also (if I allowed one more) not to look at my superb Huawei P30 every 10 minutes of the day…. Sorry ID. :relaxed::relaxed: .

I'm looking to lose 6 stones in weight. I'm after sponsorship to add to my motivation.

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I would like to procure a new job which I enjoy and which gives me the opportunity to utilise my customer services skills to the best effect.  On a personal level I want to start ballroom dancing again, something I last did as a child of 12, I miss the self expression and enjoyment which it used to bring me.  Im also going to take the plunge and travel abroad for the first time since Lockdown, off to Split in Croatia in May.

To be happy and try to ensure those around me are happy too! 


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