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New Year, New You

New Year, New You

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This year I aim to lost some weight and go on holiday some where hot.

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I don’t have one.

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To take up running again. In the first lockdown I started jogging and built it up. I was doing 5k most days to fill the time, but when I returned to work I lost the motivation. I need to get my mojo back!

My new year's resolution is to find a mobile network that actually provides a decent signal in my own home! 

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My New Years resolution is to clear out my loft and flat so when I die my kids don’t have the hassle of it! Bit morbid but any of us could go at anytime right now!

To retire, or at least partially retire and have a bit more time for me

I would like to be able to eat healthier and take more exercise and maybe make a bit more time for my self. 

To be more money conscious

My New Year’s Resolution is to continue to evolve, enjoy life more and share that joy.

I would like to be more organised.

To be more organised! So far so good makes ne feel better 

As well as knitting and reading more, I'm going to burn all my candles at both ends! 

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My New Years Resolution is to train my dogs to listen too me to stop me looking like a right idiot trying to recall them.

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My resolution is to try to finish things. I am terrible for starting something then getting distracted by the next project and not finishing the first! So I want to try to make an effort to finish my projects! 

My resolution is to lose weight and also buy a new phone for me this year

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Learn a new skill by taking a diploma in coaching

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To eat healthy and do more Bulk cooking

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My resolution is to make more contact with my family.


My new years resolution is to do better  for the boys and finally go on my driving lessons 

To get my life back on track - starting with my career! Enrolled in uni and working full time! 

My New Years resolution is to get the house decorated and sale so we can find our forever home 😊

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To budget better. I struggle with organising things. I’m going to start making meal plans and sticking to them. Not only will this be better for my wallet but will reduce our food wastage too. I’m also going to make a point of making sure the meals are healthy. I’ve been piling on the stones so i need to eat healthier. No more blind shopping for me! 

I go in the grocery store 
Without a list 
I bang it in the trolley 
Without thinking, is this healthy? 
Sugar is my downfall 
If it’s sweet, i eat 
I hit the checkout 
Gaining a cold sweat 
As i see the price mount up 
Oh no! Instant regret 
I get home 
Oh no! What did i forget? 
I forgot carrots and celery 
I forget apples and pears 
I forgot i need to take better care of myself! 
This new year
I shall plan my spends better 
Chocolate isn’t going to sustain me
My wallet needs to be fatter, not my belly
Here’s to 2022 
Healthier, richer and happy!

My New Years resolution is to get out of credit card debt this year and learn to live within my means by saving for what I want before I buy it. 

Stop buying processed foods and cook from scratch as my mum taught me plus throwing less food away

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I have plenty of resolutions I need to stick too!

my main one is to definitely become healthier and lose weight, the others are to get promoted at work, move out and to spend more time with friends! 


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